Moments ❤


 Assalamualaikum and hello earthlings :> phewww, no update for 3 months. Mehehehe, I'm so lazy to the max. Actually, on the CNY holiday I want to update but I'm so busy. Busy tweetingg! Then, todayyy i've got my mood to update. But, I'm so sleepy right now. Ah whatever. Okayyy, btw my study at seratas so far so good. I've met many types of people there. So many. Well, different place different style... Am I right? Hihi. Even though I've been there almost 3 months but I'm still homesick and feel like wanna go back to my previous school. Wuaaaaaa! Don't ask me why -.- you will feel the same things if you are me. Hahaa.  My mid year exam just like asdfghjkl uh oh I don't wanna talk about this actually. Haaa btw Abah and Alif and Amir are staying at UK for 9 months and I'm so jealous. Jealous yknow. Grrr,

Ok look at the picture. He's acah-acah-Korea-poyo-gilaaa. Who cares. Hahaha just telling! Hmm actually I want to story about my holidayy. Haaa I'm just hang out with all my best friends during this holiday because Ibu is busy. Hehehehe, and Ibu was like

"Em, kesian Wanie duduk rumah jee. Pergilah keluar dengan kawan- kawan ☺"

Wahahaha. Golden opportunity duhhh. Then, first hang out was with my ex-classmate. Em should I put the 'ex' there? Haha whatever it is they're forever my buddyzzz. Takkan terpisahhh x) haha, we gathered at Eqsy Cafe on 24 Mayyy 2013 ;)

Hehehehehe, and I'm soooo awkward with them. At the first only, then I'm changed into the so-un-shy-girl. Hahaha, and camwhoreee with them. I'm so glad to have them as my friend. And Mimie too crazy at that night. She's become annoying girl. Hahahaha just kidding. Just see our pictures!

Haa okay. Pictures tell everything. Hihi. This was a good started for my holiday. Even though not so many people joined the dinner, cehh not so many ~ hahahaha.

 After that me planned to gather with Nana, Yana and Shidaaa. Alhamdulillah finally we met! Hehe. We were planned to meet at Hitz Cafe on 27 May 2013 ;> 

Hahaha. We had enjoyed our day on that dayyy. Well, like usually at the first a little bit awkward. We talked soooo much and very much. Haha gossips x) after that me Shida and Nana went to the karaoke. Yana was not with us because she went back at  four and a half pm. Ok keep calm and see our pictures. Hahahaha ok kelakar sangat.

Ok yang last tu kelakar. Hahahahaha, whatever. Actually I'm so sleepy right now. Now is 2.39AM already wuarghhhhhhhhhhhh. Okey okey relax. Seriously I had so much funnnn ;) even tough we are far apart but I'm always remember youu guys. Don't worry. Hihi. 

Wuuu and thenn Mimie, Apai and Mirza invited me to follow them hang out at key ell. Ok and I asked Ibu and Ibu said okey. And I'm feeling so fly like a G6. Then on 3 June 2013 we went to the Sunway Piramid! :) 

Wehoooo. Idk why but that day is my favourite dayyyy! We went there by ktm and seriously so far from what I thought. Herghhhh, but whatever it is I've got the moments with them! We reached there about 11 and a half maybe, then we breaklunch at Pizza Hut! But all of us doesn't ordering pizza. Lol. Funny funny *clapclap. Then we watched a movie Now You See Me. Unexpected movie kata apai ~ hahaha, like seriously that movie sooooo awesome. You should watch it tooo! Then me, Murni and Apai went to ice skating. This things was not as easy as I thought. Ahhh really really grrrr. And we reached tg malim ktm at about 8.40 pm. Hahahaha, I will never forget this moments. Never.

Hehehehe. Mirza don't want to take some pictures with us. Herghhhhhh ok like I care ~ hehehe. Thankssss for them. 

I'm so grateful because Allah gaves me this awesome friendssss. I'm very hope all of this friendship don't have the ending ;) Dengan izin Allah :') Alhamdulillah for all my happiness. I'm so happy \o/

Forever young, Xoxo Wanie Halim 

Past is past.